Staying underground and providing records at great prices means the way to get them is to ***email*** your order to FXHE records.

When you are ready, click any of the email links under the products. Please write a short message to FXHE stating:

Shipping is *free* in the US for orders over $20. For other countries, we will have to calculate the price based on where you are ordering from. US Mail usually has the best rates. If you have a preferred shipping company, let FXHE know, and the rate will be adjusted accordingly.

If you are ordering overseas, you assume all risks for lost packages, and do not hold FXHE Records accountable.

Payment can be made by Paypal. FXHE will contact you to confirm the order, and inform you of added shipping costs if ordered from outside the US. Upon receiving payment, we will ship your order.

Please note that prices on the site will fluctuate with the european market.

There are no refunds or exchanges for defective records, skips or damage.


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